Detective in Kent, WA

When a personal or business situation has gotten out of control, and you don’t know whether you’ve been told the truth, choose an experienced Kent, WA, detective to find the answers. JFM Investigations has all the needed resources to conduct a logical, neutral investigation for the facts. Visit our offices for an initial consultation, and we’ll review your situation. We have flexible hours with convenient appointments and keep our rates reasonable to make detective services a viable option.

Once we begin work on your case, we utilize standard investigative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to make discreet inquiries in an information gathering process. Our knowledgeable detective will provide:

  • Dependable, thorough job performance
  • Confidential, sensitive case management
  • Prompt case progress reporting

Turn to a dependable Kent, WA, detective when answers aren’t forthcoming, and you need impartial facts. We're locally owned and operated, licensed and insured, and dedicated to attentive customer care. Our skilled investigator will explore every lead to the last detail, and we won’t quit until we get the results you need to make the right choices. JFM Investigations has an appointment time available and an investigator that can help.